Guided canoeing experience

Let us introduce you to Sweden's southernmost wilderness. Enjoy the silence and strikingly beautiful nature of Lake Immeln's unique combination of wilderness and archipelago. Find your favorite campsite among more than a hundred islands. 

We cooperate with Nordisk Friluftskompani which organizes multi-day group trips on our lakes. Lake Immeln contains more than a hundred uninhabited islands and countless bays. This is where you come to experience Swedish nature and freedom.

Immelnsjön has something for everyone, from beginners on a day trip to adventurers looking for new experiences. Once the fire is lit and the camp is ready, it's time to cook and spend the night by the tranquil lake. The next day, after breakfast and some exploration, you'll head back to civilization and the 'regular world'.

Activities included:

  • Canoe Safety

  • Right of public access

  • Basic paddling

  • Selection of camps

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