Canoe package

This is our most popular package. Some guests are out for a few hours and others for up to a week. The canoe works well for couples, families and even larger groups. In the canoe package you get the equipment you need to get out on the water and explore the waters of Immeln and all its islands.


Canoe per hour 200 SEK

Canoe per 24 hours 550 SEK

Single kayak per hour 200 SEK
Single kayak per 24 hours 550 SEK

Double kayak per hour 250 SEK
Double kayak per 24 hours 650 SEK

There is a mandatory sustainability fee that is used to take care of the canoe trail and preserve the wonderful nature.

The fee is 50 SEK per canoe/day.

Each canoe includes

  • Two life jackets

  • Two paddles

  • Karta

  • Fire pit (1 per booking)

  • Shovel (1 per booking)

Extra equipment

Which you can add to your booking. Prices are based on a 24-hour rental. 

  • Extra life jacket 70 SEK

  • Extra paddle 70 SEK

  • Transport wheel for canoe 100 SEK

  • Packing barrel, 60 liters 70 SEK

  • Dry bag, 10 liters 40 SEK

  • Extra seat 70 SEK

  • Trangia storm kitchen 70 SEK

  • Frying pan 60 kr

Further options are available


Transportation of up to 6 canoes and accessories. The price refers to one way. Click here HERE to read more information about how the transportation works. Transportation takes place between 09.00 and 16.00.

Breanäs SEK 700
Mjönäs SEK 700
Brotorpet SEK 950
Bökestad SEK 950
Olofström SEK 1200

To book a transport click here

Extra insurance

Cancellation protection
50 kr/day per canoe/kayak
(cancellation possible up to 72 hours before start)

50 kr/day per canoe/kayak

NOTE: Damage caused without insurance will incur the full cost of the value of the damaged item.

If you break what you rent, you have to buy it.

If you have our insurance, you will only pay a deductible of 2000 SEK.

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