Outdoor cooking and canoeing

This half-day tour is designed for you to experience the joy of cooking over an open fire. A guided adventure that includes canoeing and cooking, it will ensure you leave with a calm mind and a full stomach!


Per person - 995 kr
Children under 12 - 495 kr

Duration: 4 hours

Note: If there is a fire ban due to dry weather, we will cook our food in other ways, such as in a storm kitchen.


  • Guidance

  • Canoe safety

  • The right of public access

  • Basic paddling

  • Fire safety

  • Cooking on an open fire


  • Frying pan

  • Plates, cups and cutlery

  • Canoe with life jackets and paddles

  • By

  • Knife

By day

We start the day with an introduction to canoeing in Sweden and talk about water safety and the right of public access. In addition to this, you get a simple lesson in how to paddle a canoe.

After this, we will head out onto the waters of Lake Immeln for a day of adventure and exploration! When we reach our destination, we will start preparing to cook a delicious meal with local ingredients. Here we will also teach you basic fire safety, before cooking together over an open fire of birch wood.

To end the day, you will learn how to make kokkaffe; coffee the Nordic way... over a campfire while enjoying the tranquility of the lake.

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