Download our maps, get information on the right of public access and access our media package here. 

Sustainability information

  • When making a reservation, you will receive information on the right of public access.

  • All guests pay 50 kr/day/canoe towards the nature conservation fee.

  • On arrival you will receive a briefing including special rules, leave no trace and fire safety.

  • Everyone receives written information on public access rights

  • All bookings include a fireplace and a garbage bag.

  • We do not sell anything containing palm oil

  • We do not sell bottled water

  • We do not sell disposable items

  • Before arrival, all guests agree to the code of conduct


To plan your adventure in advance, you can download our maps here.


The right of public access

In Sweden, we have a law called allemansrätten. This means that we all have access to Sweden's land and water for camping, hiking and many other recreational activities. But this comes with the responsibility to take care of our country so that it can be enjoyed by many future generations. Here you will find the information you need to practice Allemansvett and Allemansrätt.



Transportation of up to 6 canoes and accessories. The price refers to one way. The transportation takes place between 09.00 and 16.00.

To book your transport go to the form here



How far can I paddle in a day?

Usually you paddle at about 4 km/hour. This means that after 3-4 hours of paddling you have probably covered 12 km across the water, depending on the weather and wind.

What is included in the rent?

Each canoe includes the rental of two vests, two paddles, a map and a toilet spade.

How many adults can sit in a canoe?

All our canoes are designed for 2 adults. However, you can rent extra seats and sit 3 adults or two adults and two small children. The maximum weight is 400 kg and there is limited space for luggage if you have extra seats.

Is there drinking water?

We have a water post at the canoe center where you can fill your water bottles or cans. The water in Lake Immeln is safe to drink and to use for cooking as long as you boil it.

    What days can I rent a canoe?

    We are open by agreement until the middle of June, then we have fixed opening hours until August. However, it is best to book your canoe in advance so we are sure that there are free canoes for you. It is important that you arrive at the booked time.

    Can you buy food along the lake?

    We recommend that you buy all the provisions you need during your trip. There are no shops here in Immeln or near the lake system. However, we have snacks and other items that may be needed in our shop at the canoe center.

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